Vehicle Servicing

We can take a look under the hood


“Most people think that a service is just an MOT by another name and feel cheated that new cars expect to have a paid check up twice yearly, however, the two actually perform very different functions.”

Genius Motor Mechanic believes in five reasons not to ignore the car service light.

  • An MOT is not the same as service.

“A regular service is needed to take care of the car and the wear and tear of its parts and fluids. The MOT is a periodic technical inspection for safey – it is not designed to repair or replace worn vehicle components.”

  • A service can save you money.

“An unserviced vehicle is likely to have a shorter life expectancy and higher fuel costs, whilst potentially being more unsafe,”

  • You probably can not do some of the things a service entails.

“It is recommended that vehicle owners trust their vehicle maintenance to qualified mechanics who have access to the correct tools and expertise.”

  • It keeps you safe.

”It is so easy to have cuts and damaged sidewalls, particularly on modern low-profile tyres. Everyone dreads a high speed blowout, but how many people check their tyres regularly – even before a motorway journey? Unlike things like brake fluid and coolant, there’s no warning light to tell the driver that the tyr is seriously damaged,”

  • Not having a service can have an adverse impact on insurance claims.

Not having had a service wouldn’t necessarily invalidate a claim – but if it’s declared a total loss they may take the service history into account when calculating its pre-accident value, which could mean you ending up out of pocket.